Mindful Gifts CIC was born from the desire to provide a solution to buying suitable gift ideas for people with dementia and enabling people with dementia to take part in meaningful activities.

The founder, Vicki Phipps, recognised how difficult it was for family and carers to find suitable gift ideas for people with dementia and gifts that would benefit the person rather than just be hid away in a draw and never used. Vicki set about researching and sourcing adult appropriate and suitable gifts for people with dementia from reputable suppliers. Being a CIC means that Mindful Gifts operates for the benefit of the community rather than for personal gain. Since then, Mindful Gifts has been growing from strength to strength and now has over 250 products to choose from including assistive technology products as well as activities.

Now, CitizenHome are an outlet for Mindful Gifts products and are proud to represent and support them as a fellow social enterprise.

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